Solid Development S.A is a dynamic company in the field of construction based in Thessaloniki. We provide our clients with state-of-the-art design, construction and development services throughout Greece and beyond. Our experienced architects, engineers and designers combine their knowledge to create complexes and buildings of excellent quality and A-1 specifications.
The joy of life is found in every new creation. A creation, and specifically a construction, achieves its purpose when it offers innovation, high aesthetics, functionality and space ergonomics to its owners. At Solid Development we don’t just build buildings, we build your dreams together. Don’t miss a chance to make your ambitions become solid.

Reasons to trust us:

• We emphasize quality construction, highly aesthetic architectural design and functionality
• Our experienced executives and specialized partners are the guarantee for the creation of projects with modern specifications
• We guarantee the completion of the property in the predetermined time
• We are in constant search of new materials and technologies that allow the creation of project standards.

Make your dreams come true with Solid Development